Monday, August 4, 2008

Week 10: Dreams

I took a step back this week and reflected on the first 10. I then got thinking back on the past couple of years and what a journey it has been since the days of working in a real estate office in 2005. I began writing week 10's song "Dreams" shortly after quitting my real estate job, and leaving it to fulfill my dream of performing music. I have not performed the song in years since "Dreams" was never really finished until recently, and remixed and edited by Dave Reep at Reep and Record Studios Inc. Thank you to Dave, as always, for enabling me to create such songs and record them at Reep & Record.

Each week I am able to express myself and create songs about living, I truly feel like I have been "making the dream into reality."

Music, lyrics, and blog by Gabriel Velazquez

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