Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week 9: Lawt Dawg and Crazy Dave

Week #9 Song: Lawt Dawg and Crazy Dave

A couple of friends of mine were a big influence on this song. It's not about them necessarily, but the memories of hanging out with them at shows definitely spawned some of the lyrics. It's called "Lawt Dawg and Crazy Dave." I want to thank a different Dave for laying down the steady drums on the song. Dave Reep, you are the man!

After listening to "Lawt Dawg and Crazy Dave", I realize that the song is about being who you want to be at all times, even when that means you wear pink underwear or travel around the states in an rv going to shows. Being who you are is powerful and doing what you want to do is even more so. There is a real nobility and strength behind doing what you want with your life and it's totally contagious to others.
So to Lawtie and Dave, thank you for being you! Much love and music.

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