Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week 6: Straight Outta Compton

I had a fantastic time creating this week's song with my buddy Brian Compton at his place in Berkeley, CA. Big thanks to Brian for contributing his flow and engineering expertise. Brian has also helped me with the ins and outs of this site, aiding me to make this site progressively cooler. The name of this week's song is still in the air. Maybe someone can give their input by thinking up a name. For now, let's call it "Straight outta Compton".

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brian compton said...

Isn't that title taken? Some little group called N.W.A.? Kidding.

Twas a good time, thanks for letting me be a part.

What is that instrument with the repeating melody line? Is that a violin?

Peace, BGC

Jigglesworth said...

smoove daddio lovin the tone n the nice transition, is that a melodica thats driftin in and out of my head? thanks for sharing in ur groove my brother, it's gr8 to get some Gabb's out here in LALA land, Jigs