Monday, August 25, 2008

Week 14: Manny Ramirez

I got to spend some quality time with family while visiting Southern California a week or so ago. It had been several months since being in SoCal and it was great seeing the family.
I kicked it lots with my older brother Mikey. He is a rising house DJ out of Los Angeles, CA ( He plays out regularly from San Diego to San Francisco, but mostly plays and throws parties in the greater Los Angeles area. He goes by the name "Easily Influenced" and though some might think it biased, my brother lays down the ooey gooes Hawtness. I was never a big phan of house music until I heard the tunes my brother creates. He is so hawt that DJ's like Mark Farina and Derek Carter are now spinning my brother's music at their own shows.
Mikey V began a label a few years ago called HAWT Music ( He now not only plays regularly as a DJ, but also creates the music that he spins at shows, as well as releases tracks under his own Hawt Music label. Hawt Music also now has resident DJ's under the label in San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago. My brother is the shiznit and he is blowing up so pay attention ya'll and check the dopeness out ( or
So, Mikey and I are big L.A. Dodgers phans. So, when the Dodgers picked up Manny Ramirez, we were more than stoked and thought we'd make a little tribute song for ManRam himself. We made everything from scratch, from the same bedroom we shared while growing up. The female vocal in the background singing in Spanish is our Mom, Mercy Velazquez. We are stoked with the song and hope Manny Ramiriez gives it a listen. We plan to do a YouTube video in upcoming weeks;I will post it on my site so you can check it out.
"Get Manny Manny make money money."

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brian compton said...

that is freaking great GV! A family that drops-it-on-the-one together, stays together. Keep them comin'

Jamie said...

That was tits.....

xerxes said...

Yo listening to Dreams as I'm working now. Yummy.

Plain Ol' Steve said...

Finally! ManRam has been immortalized with a song befitting the man who is larger than life. Among his manny achievements on the field he also holds the records for longest dreads and largest doo-rag.