Saturday, June 14, 2008

Week 4: Rather Be

Week 4. Wow! This thing has been really cool so far. I have been able to write some songs that I might not have had the motivation to put together, if not for this site. That was one of my motives starting this site. I wanted to have a "deadline" of sorts to motivate me to go beyond simply writing a song with a few words and chord changes on a napkin at some restaurant, but actually revisit that song immediately and mold it into something I believe is good. In other words, I am packaging my ideas in the form of a song. It has been a truly liberating experience for me so far and I only hope that people listening feel the same way.

This week's song is called "Rather Be." It was recorded completely live on one microphone with no overdubbing whatsoever. It is my shot at a "Dylan-esque" folk song with some harmonica in between. I really enjoyed making this tune and hope others feel the same way. "Rather Be" is the first song I have recorded where I play harmonica, as well as guitar and vocals. Hopefully, "Rather Be" is the first of many "Dylan-esque" songs.


"Songs give me a spark when I get to play the harp"

This blog was written and performed by Gabriel Velazquez


Anonymous said...

If we could all only fly on our own.

William said...

Love the harmonica on this song!