Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Life in Blog

Welcome to my new blog page. Here is my first blog.
I began this site as a recommendation from a friend. The plan is to use it to express myself and the happenings and ongoings in my life, through music and writing. I will upload one new original song on the same day each week. I plan to do this for one year straight without slacking. Each song created will be different and unique to my happenings and experiences for the week. Some songs, I will play all the instruments, tracked out and mixed in my garage. while others, I will do acoustic. Regardless of style, instrumentation, or performers, each song will be new for that week and totally original.
Subscribers to my page will be able to download the music and use it as they please. Subscribers will also be encouraged to give recommendations for new songs, styles, and themes for upcoming weeks to see what I can create. The idea is to feed off of life and the people that I meet as I live this life of mine. I encourage everyone to chime in and look forward to the possibilities.
So, subscribe. "Come on in the water is just fine."
Gaby V

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